Cautand Bike Mtb Man,

As I see it, the stages from our CNE national enduro championship are starting to look more like the stages from enduro contests in western Europe with 8 specials and 2 days of competing and awsome trails.

Cautand Bike Mtb Man

Who wold Cautand Bike Mtb Man want more, more trails, more fun, more riding! It is an old and industrial city that has his charm because of it.

Inițiatorul proiectului FreeRider. Singura fotografie cu Marc de la Geiger… bună și asta!

At one time it was consider to be one of the biggest industrial centers of Romania with big factories in steel industry and metal processing Combinatul Siderurgic Reșița and in motor and train factory Uzina Constructoare de Mașini Reșița. That is why, this stage is called Metal Enduro, and the name suits it well.

Sfat Achizitie MTB Hard Trail, buget aproximativ 1500RON

As I said, this is the first year that metal Enduro has 8 stages and 2 days. There are lots of trails here that are build and maintained by the rider community in Resita, that we are grateful to.

All trails are hand maintained and well build, they are narrow, dirt singletracks that have cool elements like switchbacks, drops, ramps and the best rockgardens ever :D.

Cautand Bike Mtb Man

All singletracks run from the top of the hills that surround the city thru a beautiful mapel forest and get down near city center where you can stop and have a beer after a nice flowy descent. There are no chairlifts here, but the scenery is so beautiful and all singletracks have forest roads access that takes you to the top all the way on your bike from where you can brrraaaapppp your way down to beer :D.

The contest in the last 2 years was held in the middle of October, with stable weather and good riding conditions.

What’s a good beginner bike? - Budget mountain bike

If it has rained recently the tracks seem to become more grippy and you can ride faster. All trails are shared between riders, trail runners or hikers. Here in Romania we do not have any grudges sharing the trail, just look up ahead on the trail, slow Cautand Bike Mtb Man if you see hikers, salute them and move on.

Cautand Bike Mtb Man

The trails are not crowded, and there are lots of trails so you will have an nice continues descent. This time I took one day off from work and reach Resita on Frayday.

I managed to ride 5 of the specials then and I was as fit as I could be for the contest, to bad I had a cold that was fed by these 3 days of riding :.

Cautand Bike Mtb Man

For me was 13th place in hobby category. For contest I teamed up with the guys form BikePoint team, best team ever.

Cautand Bike Mtb Man

I had a blast riding with them and lots of fun while transferring from one PS to another! Cheers guys and hope to team up again next year! You also have 2 pics bellow where you can see the tracks and the transfers on the map. You can find more informations on event page here www.

Cautand Bike Mtb Man