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Transcription V OL. LXXX, Nos. Remus Grama Archdcn. Sebastian Dumitrascu Mr. Mark Chestnut Mr. Richard C. Periodicals postage paid at Jackson, Michigan, and additional offices. Phone:Fax: Ephrem the Syrian, Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann Conference on Women Deacons Cornel Todeasa Ephrem the Syrian By Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann Of all lenten hymns and prayers, one short prayer can be termed the lenten prayer. Tradition ascribes it to one of the great teachers of spiritual life - St.

Ephrem the Syrian.

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Here is its text: O Lord and Master of my life! Take from me the spirit of sloth, faint-heartedness, lust of power, and idle talk. But give rather the spirit of chastity, humility, patience, and love to Your servant. Yea, O Lord and King! Grant me to see my own errors and not to judge my brother; For You are blessed unto ages of ages.

This prayer is Dating Woman St Eustache twice at the end of each lenten service, Monday through Friday not on Saturdays and Sundays; for, as we shall see later, the services of these days do not follow the lenten pattern. At the first reading, a prostration follows each petition. Then we all bow twelve times saying: "O God, cleanse me a sinner.

Why does this short and simple prayer occupy such an important position in the entire lenten worship?

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Because it enumerates in a unique way all the "negative" and "positive" elements of repentance and constitutes, so to speak, a "check list" for our individual lenten effort.

This effort is aimed first at our liberation from some fundamental spiritual diseases which shape our life and make it virtually impossible for us even to start turning ourselves to God.

The basic disease is sloth. It is that strange laziness and passivity of our entire being which always Dating Woman St Eustache us "down" rather than "up" -- which constantly convinces us that no change is possible and therefore desirable.

It is in fact a deeply-rooted cynicism which to every spiritual challenge responds "what for? It is the root of all sin, because it poisons the spiritual energy at its very source. The result of sloth is faint-heartedness.

It is the state of Exemplu de dator which all spiritual Fathers Dating Woman St Eustache the greatest danger for the soul. Despondency is the impossibility for man to see anything good or positive; it is the reduction of everything to negativism and pessimism. It is truly a demonic power in us, because the Devil is fundamentally a liar. He lies to man about God and about the world; Dating Woman St Eustache fills life with darkness and negation.

Despondency is the suicide of the soul, because when man is possessed by it, he is absolutely unable to see the light and to desire it. Dating Woman St Eustache of power! Strange as it may seem, it is precisely sloth and despondency that fill our life with lust of power. By vitiating the entire attitude toward life and making it meaningless and empty, they force us to seek compensation in a radically wrong attitude toward other persons. If my life is not oriented toward God, not aimed at eternal values, it will inevitably become selfish and self-centered; and, this means that all other beings will become means of my own self-satisfaction.

If God is not the Lord and Master of my life, then I become my own lord and master -the absolute center of my own world, and I begin to evaluate everything in terms of my needs, my ideas, my desires, and my judgments. The lust of power is thus a fundamental depravity in my relationship to other beings, a search for their Dating Woman St Eustache to me.

It is not necessarily expressed in the actual urge to command and to dominate "others. It is indeed sloth and despondency directed this time at others; it completes spiritual suicide with Datand suma singura femeie murder.

Finally, idle talk. Of all created beings, man alone has been endowed with the gift of speech. But being the supreme gift, it is by the same token the supreme danger. Being the very expression of man, the means of his self-fulfillment, it is for this very reason the means of his fall and self-destruction, of betrayal and sin. The word saves and the word kills; the word inspires and the word doamna caut barbat din mărculești. The word is the means of Truth, Dating Woman St Eustache it is the means of demonic Lie.

Having an ultimate positive power, it has therefore a tremendous negative power.

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It truly creates positively or negatively. On the eve of the Dating Woman St Eustache, the hierarchs celebrated the Rite of Nomination of the Bishop, after which Bishop-Elect Daniel gave an acceptance speech and then served Great Vespers for the feast of Blessed Xenia of St.

O Lord our God Who, in that it is impossible for the nature of man to endure the Essence of the Godhead, in Thy Providence hast provided for us teachers of like nature with ourselves to maintain Thine Altar, that they may offer to Thee sacrifice and oblations for all Thy People. Grant that he will be a leader of the blind, a light to those in darkness, a reprover of the unwise, a teacher of the young, and a lamp to the world. Grant also that he, having perfected the souls entrusted to him in this present life, may stand unashamed before Thy Throne, and that he may receive the great reward which Thou hast prepared for those who have fought with valor for the preaching of the Gospel.

Bishop John also greeted the newly consecrated Bishop and presented him with an icon of Saint Tikhon of Zadonsk. At the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy, Metropolitan Tikhon presented him with the pastoral staff, signifying his responsibility and authority as Bishop of Santa Rosa and Auxiliary to Archbishop Benjamin.

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Written by Dr. John G. Demakis, it is the story of how his Greek Orthodox parish went through the step-by-step process to establish a program for missionary and charity outreach. By Dr. But what made a bigger In cautarea unui om perfect 2021 on me was that I saw a list of Catholic and Protestant Churches that would go there regularly to serve food and help in any way.

There was even one synagogue on the list and a Mosque! No Orthodox church however had ever gone Dating Woman St Eustache.

Inmy parish of St. Sponsor missionary zeal in our community 2. Support the OCMC and our missionaries around the world 3. Support members of our parish who wished to go on missions - long term and short term.

Our parish also set up a line item in our parish annual budget for missions. Very quickly, we started inviting long term missionaries to our parish to make presentations. We would often have them give the sermon on Sunday and then pass a tray to collect money for the mission.

Sometimes, we would sponsor an evening with the missionary and invite Dating Woman St Eustache parish to come and hear what they are doing. Again, we would collect money for their mission. In each case, we helped the individual Dating Woman St Eustache the needed funds. We even sent one long term missionary to the Philippines femeie singura caut barbat covasna Hong Kong.

Our community supports one priest, and individuals in our parish support others. The money collected from these canisters funds medicines Dating Woman St Eustache staff at Orthodox hospitals and clinics worldwide. An Important Question Then one year, we invited Fr. Veronis had been a long term missionary in Kenya and in Albania. His father, Fr. Luke told us he was going to make three separate presentations: international, national and local missions.

His first presentation was international missions, and he discussed the wonderful work the OCMC was doing in sending missionaries to far-away sites like Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Albania, Romania, etc. His next presentation was on national missions.

His last presentation of the day was local missions. Luke caught me by surprise. I really did not know what he was after. He asked me again. Now I got it! Luke went on to explain that we too often think of missions as something foreign and exotic - travels to Africa, Asia, etc.

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  • Казалось, его смысл был следующим: здесь находится нечто весьма опасное, и мы, его создатели, беспокоимся, чтобы никто не пострадал, натолкнувшись на него в Элвин и Хилвар отступили на несколько шагов и взглянули друг на друга; каждый ждал слов другого.

Mission work, as Christ made clear, begins in your own town and your own state. Luke went on to describe how we can witness in our own town and state.

Find out where there is great need and be there. This led to a very productive discussion and opened our hearts and our eyes. Searching Out Local Needs After the retreat, I decided to find out if there were homeless shelters near our church. I was told by longtime members of our church that there were not homeless shelters in our Fairfax County - which was at the time the wealthiest county in America.

No one in our parish knew about the shelter. A five minute drive, and I was at the shelter and saw firsthand what our county was doing to help the homeless. After a brief discussion, it was Dating Woman St Eustache that St. Katherine would be coming once a month to serve dinner.

We now go twice a month and serve food to the homeless. We were told they were in desperate need of clothing for the homeless. We now collect clothes and toiletries all year long; and by rotation, a different family takes the clothes to the shelter every week.

During the winter months, when the shelter does not have enough room for everyone who would like to stay, they give the homeless a hot meal and have to send them out to community shelters which can only offer them a bed for the night. But for those, they are given a Hygiene and Survival Dating Woman St Eustache that includes a woolen cap, socks, gloves, hand warmers, tooth paste and brush, shaving cream, razor and shampoo.

Our St. Katherine parish has agreed to fund these kits. All our church organizations donate one or more of the items, and our Sunday School Children put the kits together after our Christmas Pageant.

This year, we delivered over three hundred kits.

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As we began local outreach, other Orthodox churches in the greater DC area soon asked if they could join our mission committee. We continue to do local outreach. We have sent two teams to Habitat for Humanity building programs.

We have sponsored several Red Cross Blood Drives. Even as our local outreach has broadened and developed, we have also expanded our overseas missions. We have sent a long term missionary to Tanzania. Dating Woman St Eustache of our parishioners just returned from a short term team to Kenya. We have helped sponsor an Antiochian Orthodox college student for a short term team to Alaska. What we have also witnessed is that several other Orthodox parishes that have joined our group are now doing their own local outreach and going to their local homeless shelters, to their hospices, etc.

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We thank the Lord that we have found our Jerusalem. Where is your Jerusalem?? Questions Dating Woman St Eustache Discussion: 1. Where is your Jerusalem? Are you or your parish engaged in any outreach programs to the community there?

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Any ideas for developing others? Where is your Judea? Is that a possibility in the greater area where you live? Where is your Samaria? Is it some nearby area or group of people in need of help that you do not feel comfortable approaching?

What are the reasons? Might they be overcome?

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And to the Ends of the Earth. John Demakis is a retired cardiologist and a member of the St. John is married to his wife Katherine Site- ul de dating surd dumping 48 years and they have three children and six grandchildren. Colleyville, TX. Saturday: Great Vespers.

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September Dallas, TX. Thanksgiving Service.