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The internet is fast and cheap. When many people think of Romania, they think of horses and carts, orphanages and vampires. Romania currently has the fastest download speed in Europe.

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My service currently costs about 12 USD a month. The cost of living is pretty cheap in general.

For basic goods, Romania has some of the lowest prices in the EU. While wages for a majority of Romanians are notoriously low, if you work for a multinational company, an international school, or as a successful freelancer, you can live really comfortably here on much less than you need at home.

While the roads in Romania are by no means perfect, Romania is a cool place to see by car.

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You have the Transfăgărășan Highway — a long, meandering road through awe-inspiring mountain scenery. The US Foreign Service Institute categorizes languages based on how many hours it takes for native English speakers to Dating Girl Bucarest them.

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The Romanian wilderness begs to be explored. Do you like hiking?

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Bird watching? Spotting large mammals in the wild? Romanian wine is cheap, plentiful, and tasty.

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  • Popesti-leordeni singles, Bucuresti, Romania adults looking to hookup and casual sex date

However, I do have a deep appreciation of wine that is both cheap and delicious. Consider this: Romania has one of the oldest winemaking traditions on Earth, dating back over 10, years.

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The people are fantastic. Recently, the country has taken a few turns for the Dating Girl Bucarest by cracking down on corruption and electing a president who has pledged to take the country in a more progressive direction.

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Moving to Romania now, in a time of palpable change, may be a decision you will never regret. Tagged What did you think of this story?