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Q: I want to eat a more plant-based diet but how can anyone eat five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables a day? I still want animal protein too.

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Slowly You don't have to go from two servings of fruits and veggies a day — what the average American gets — to five or more overnight.

Also, don't fret about what a serving is; eat a heaping handful's worth to start.

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Your initial goal: To slowly work up to two servings of fruit and three of non-starchy vegetables a day. If you make your lean protein salmon or skinless chicken a side of ounces instead of the centerpiece, you'll naturally eat more veggies and fruit to fill up!

Affectionately Start with what you like. Write out a list of five of your favorite vegetables and five of your favorite OZ Dating Site. For today, choose one fruit and one veggie from the list that you don't have in the house and go buy 'em.

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Eat the fruit that's the easiest. Look up a recipe for that one veggie favorite and OZ Dating Site.

OZ Dating Site.

it to your dinner menu. If you're typical, adding that to the two servings you normally eat in a day will get you up to four servings. Nothing fried or breaded, please!

OZ Dating Site.

Tomorrow, have fruit with your breakfast. Add another veggie on your list to lunch and to dinner.

OZ Dating Site.

The next day for dinner, stir-fry a lean protein plus three veggies from your list. Have fruit for dessert.

OZ Dating Site.

In a week or two, aim to be eating five OZ Dating Site. more items from your list of favorite fruits and vegetables each day.

OZ Dating Site.

Then, branch out. Try new fruits and vegetables.

The more colorful a variety you eat the more they protect you from cardiovascular disease, cancer, dementia and obesity.